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Bernie served in law enforcement for over 30 years, primarily with the New Hampshire State Police, heading numerous leadership positions, including Asst. Commander of the Narcotics Investigation Unit, Senior Troop D Patrol Supervisor, Public Relations Unit Commander and Interim Communications Commander.

He understands the many challenges and frustrations that law enforcement officers face throughout their careers, including the “Administration”, “Citizens Complaints”, the “am I in the right profession” decision, promotional exams, and many more, and he provides….

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Coaching is a growing method of helping people to perform at a higher level, in both the public and private sectors. It provides a confidential, one on one relationship, between the client and the coach. A client engages in a journey of continuous self-improvement through setting goals, defining their current reality, identifying their obstacles and eventually winning, through achieving their goals.

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Certified Coaching for Law Enforcement

Bernie has dedicated much of his life to serving and leading both in uniform and out, and he has a passion for helping men and women in uniform succeed on their career paths.

Bernie has worked with clients such as the US State Department, the State of New Hampshire, and a number of large corporations. He has worked with company presidents, plant managers, human resources, VP’s and other corporate executives in developing programs to meet their company’s visions for their future needs. We were proud to receive recognition by the US State Department for training over eight-hundred people in Bullying in the Workplace. We also presented various trainings in Leadership, Supervision, Coaching, Communications, and Conflict Management.

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